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All sessions guarantee 12 downloadable edited digital images from an on-line gallery, with the exception of Mini Session offerings of which prices & photo amounts differ per offering. (Senior parent photos are a complimentary additional to that count). Additional digital images may often be available for purchase per image or package for a minimal fee.
*I do require a Deposit of half the session amount due at time of booking to hold your spot on my calendar and the balance due on day of your session. I accept cash, check, money order or on-line payment through Square.














*Prices vary per Mini Session offering, please see specific advertisement per event for details. *Please note that the amount of photos vary and do differ from the guaranteed regular prices sessions. Thank you.


Prices & photo amount offerings vary & differ from regular session offerings. Please see specific advertisement for the holiday mini session offerings.



Maternity sessions are only offered in studio at this point in time.I have several full length gowns or pretty robes for a more intimate type look. I am open to all styles of maternity sessions, so feel free to ask or let me know what you are interested in. Maternity sessions are best done around 7 months along to assure you have a good size belly showing but before you may be uncomfortable or experiencing any puffiness or bloating due to water retention, etc. It also assures you a session just in case you deliver early or are put on unexpected bed rest. Bring your honey and/or big sister(s)/brother(s) along to make it a family affair or simply just mama for some quiet, relaxed & pretty photos to capture this special time.



Newborn sessions are best done before 2 weeks of age to assure babe is in his/her sleepiest & most flexible state. It is best to have babes sleeping through the posing process and for their photos to capture them really relaxed. I welcome you into my in-home studio on the day of your newborn session and I will discuss and show you just what I will be doing and how I will be working with your precious new babe. Cleanliness, safety & comfort for all is my priority and you will see that it is important to me throughout your session. I offer photos with parents & siblings in the beginning of the session before I start working on settling your babe to sleep to get posing for their photos. I ask you come prepared with plenty for babe to eat, as a full tummy helps a newborn sleep more soundly. If you are breastfeeding but also using a bottle, I suggest bring bottles along as babes tend to take less time with a bottle than with Mommy but I absolutely support breastfeeding and if you are exclusively breast, then no worries at all, my space is comfortable & quiet for you to nurse. If babe is formula fed, let me tell you, those are the babes that tend to sleep the heaviest through their sessions so I am all about that, too! ; ) Sidenote: Pacifiers are very, very welcome for session even if you are trying not to use them in general. 2-3 hrs for a photoshoot will not ruin a "no pacifier" rule! Newborn sessions can be time consuming but the time passes along quicker than you might think, it's a lot of fun to watch or you can just sit back & relax. Come dressed comfortably and in layers, as the studio will be warm to help babe sleep best. If you will be having photos done with babe, bring a comfy set of clothes to change into afterwards just so you can rest easy. I do suggest nice outfits for parent photos (something pretty & flowy for Mom & a button up shirt & dress pants for Dad is always a great look). Mommas, take a bit of time to do hair & make-up (possibly for the first time in a while, haha). No worries about shoes, feet will not be showing in the photos. If siblings will be joining in for photos, it is suggested that they be taken home or out to an area playground, restaurant, etc for the time after their photos as it is a bit of time to ask of them to sit through baby sister/brother's session. In my experience, it is often best for all involved, we can chat more about that when booking. My studio is specifically set up for newborn photography so I have everything needed for your session. I do love to know color preferences & any possible themes in advance to help in selecting your set-ups, which I will have pulled for your arrival. You are certainly welcome to browse through my things and select anything you may want inorporated into the set-ups! My newborn sessions are so sweet, I really think you will enjoy the time spent, it certainly will not be time wasted. Once again, though, newborn photography is best done before (or by for c-section recoveries, there is a set of stairs up to my studio space) the 2 week mark (7-12 days old is ideal), anything past 3 weeks is indeed more difficult to settle babes as they start coming to life a bit more by then. Not impossible but not always ideal. To assure a spot on my calendar, please schedule your session *before* labor & delivery. Dates for scheduled clients are expected to be flexible but I cannot guarantee last minute spots for non-scheduled appointments. Thank you in advance.



Baby's 1st year Milestones are so sweet to capture. From their real baby smiles at their 3 month sessions to their new tricks like eating their toes, mastering tummy time & just learning to sit up at their 6 month session to them starting to hold themselves up standing & crawing at their 9 month session, it's all so fun to capture in keepsake photos! I have props & outfits complete with hats and tiebacks & floral bonnets, if so desired, for extra fun touches for these sessions! If you would like to capture your Breastfeeding journey, I am more than happy to capture that for you in a beautuful way. It is a tough job so it's nice to capture this time in both of your lives.



Baby's 1st Birthday is certainly a session worth doing! I offer either traditional One Year session or Cake Smash session, which is basically a tiny, private little birthday party that the only work you have to do for, is show up! We discuss a theme or color scheme for the session (I am trying to go minimalist style but just depending on the theme, could be a tad more elaborate) and we start with some general, traditional style photos in one oufit then we change outfits to the smash outfit and move onto the cake set up where I generally offer a 4, 5 or 6 inch yellow cake from a local bakery, (final design selected by me) as well as decor for the set up and then we end with a simple bubble bath in one of two cute wash bins to choose from for easy clean up and as a fun way to get a few extra cute photos before we end the session, if desired. Parents photos are taken with just the traditional session. The cake smash session is a lot on the babes so I prefer to not wear them out with family photos on top of all the other options. Also, I will end the non-cake smash sessions with a bubble bath, if requested but typically do not so please let me know if you wish to have bath photos done with the traditional one year session.



While I have a studio set up for babies, I started out as a Senior Photographer and it is still my jam, I really wish Senior season lasted all year long! Senior portraits are taken from June-October, depending on your school's yearbook deadline for submission, (portraits are taken the year you are entering your Senior year). Portraits are taken outdoors and if you don't have a location in mind, I have several to suggest. I do travel for further locations outside my 20 mile radius for a minimal fee, feel free to ask about locations further away! I ask that everyone attending please arrive on time as we will most likely be shooting at the golden hour and I only have a certain amount of time before the sun sets so I have your session timed with that so simply put, the later you show up, the fewer photos I take. Seniors get 2 outfits for their session and I ask that you come with freshly ironed outfits and for girls, I ask you to consider what bras you will be wearing for *both* outfits, please consider nude color bras so as to not show through any fabrics or a dark bra if wearing black sheer or a black/dark knitted sweater with holes and please do not let any bra straps show. Also, please consider a strapless bra if you have a strappy outfit that straps will be showing. Also, ladies, please no chipped nail polish on fingers & toes if you will be wearing open toe shoes of any kind. Also, in the summertime, I might have you kick off shoes for a couple shots, so just make sure bottoms of feet are clean! Guys, if you're wearing long pants, I ask you wear dark socks with clean shoes/sneakers. And for all, bring along a chapstick or lipgloss/lipstick to replenish as we shoot for a while and lips may get dry! *One more note for my Seniors, please keep your phones put away for the duration of your session. Of course certain circumstances arise that they need to be pulled out from time to time and I understand that but I do appreciate your focus on me throughout your sessions. Your shoot will last about an hour & a half and I take my time so as to not rush through it. I really like to capture some genuine expressions and by visiting throughout and setting my nervous Seniors at ease cannot happen in a hurry. Rest assured I will guide you through the posing & expression process to help you relax, I actually will get into a pose to show you how so I literally will take all the guesswork out of your session for you! One thing I have been doing for parents, is offering photos with your Senior at their session as a way to thank you as your Senior's photographer. This will be the fastest school year yet, so it's great to have a few updated photos together before the whirlwind begins! I understand there are unique circumstances with families, so feel free to chat about that with me in advance. Please note that this isn't meant as a family session with siblings, etc and I don't want to spend a ton of time on the parent shots, I just do a small handful of nice photos throughout the session! Some Seniors just bring themselves to their session and that is perfectly fine! Have something special that you want to incorporate into your session? Just ask! I love my Seniors!



I offer mini sessions throughout the year such as Easter, Mom & Me, Patriotic, Sunflower Patch, Back to School and others. They will be posted in advance here and on my social media pages (Facebook & Instagram).



Holiday minis are a fun way to capture the magic of the season are made by appointment. Pajama sessions are so cute (and comfy!) so shop pjs early as my sessions will be before December! 


Talk to Jen for all your photography needs.

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